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5 Quick Email Tips For Apartment Managers

email tips for apartment managersThere are lots of big, long term things you can do to impact your marketing, but there’s also small fixes and habit changes that can positively impact your effectiveness. Implement these 5 things today and it can increase your productivity, traffic to your website and streamline your work flow.

1) Always reread your email before you click send.

This seems basic, but lots of people don’t do it. It may take an extra few seconds to skim and reread, but it’s faster than having to undo a miscommunication. [click to continue…]


content-marketing-apartmentsIf you spend any time on the internet, you’ve heard buzz words like “content marketing strategy,” “content management,” and “content creation.”

Depending on how much time you spend on social media and blogs, you may have a vague or crystal clear understanding of this marketing tool that involves everything from writing a blog post like the one you’re reading to making a video like this one.


When content is created for your apartment community, it can be shared on your resident blog, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and any where else your community has a digital foot print. You can have it set up so that the link to your resident blog is auto-shared on a variety of social media platforms every time there is a new post. [click to continue…]


Adding A Little Love To the Resident Relationship

When I was in college, I used to wait tables. We had a lot of regulars in the restaurant I worked at, and when people came in who we didn’t recognize, we treated them as if they were going to come back, as if they were going to become regulars. This played out in a few different ways, but on a very basic level, we interacted with them as if we would see them again.

It’s unfortunate, but true: most of us treat people differently when we assume we will never see them again, as if somehow they are less worthy of kindness and consideration if our interaction with them is only a single instance.


At this restaurant, when we intentionally treated people like we would see them again, it generally resulted in customers being treated better. They received the subtle perks and privileges of a regular that bond a person with a business. [click to continue…]


Get Specific with Craigslist

snowman welcome home apartment marketingI just got married a few weeks ago! And with all the positive changes and excitement comes… moving. Although I’m not moving into an apartment, I have spent a good deal of time on Craigslist the past few months as my fiancé and I have talked about our budget and priorities when it comes to renting a home.

It has been interesting and valuable to be reminded of the prospect experience first hand. Instead of being on Craigslist with my “work” hat on, I was scanning the site with a “renter” hat on.

What really stood out to me was how many of the apartment community ads started to blur together. Many of them use the same types of what I call “power words” to describe what they offer and at a certain point, the phrases seem to feel empty and vague. [click to continue…]


Technology I’m Thankful For

My son is 5 and I have some pretty rigid screen-time rules for him. I try to abide by similar rules (when I’m not working) for many of the obvious benefits. I love outdoors and in-depth conversations that are not interrupted by dings or status updates. But, I also appreciate technology.

As important as it is to unplug when you’re with family and friends, I’m thankful for the many ways technology does improve modern life. Below, in no particular order, are some pieces of technology I’m thankful for… (and none of these are paid advertisements, or official endorsements, or anything like that.)

omni focus graphic getting things doneOmniFocus

My favorite app ever. In combination with the book, Getting Things Done, by David Allen, OmniFocus has revolutionized my productivity and organiza- tion. I use it for everything. From my personal creative endeavors to managing work projects, it is truly fantastic. It allows me to organize clear actionable steps for projects, easily create tasks from emails or conversations – all without too much disruption to my work flow. [click to continue…]


haunted house for rentLast month, Josh Grillo wrote an article about the importance of not losing money on poor customer service over the phone. He wrote some great tips for owners and marketing or regional managers to implement.

The article made me think about my own experience on both sides of that equation.  As a renter, I have definitely hung up the phone and thought, “there is no way I want to have to interact with that person when my toilet’s broken.”

Maybe not every renter thinks about it that directly, but the first human interaction (usually on the phone) is a significant step in the selling process. Customer service isn’t rocket science. In fact, most of us already know the basics of how we should treat people on the job, and how we want to be treated when we call a business.

It’s easy to get caught up in everything that has to be done and forget to slow down and make the person in front of you (on the phone or in person) the priority at that moment. Here are five reminders for anyone who answers the phone calls from leads:  [click to continue…]


Infographic Google Panda Penguin 2013 algorithm updatesSince the inception of Google, its founders have been constantly improving and altering the effectiveness and method of their search engine. Another way to say this is that they regularly roll out algorithm updates that adjust website rankings, with the expressed intention of making the best content available to the people who are looking for it.

Panda, Penguin & Spring Cleaning

In February, there was Panda and now there’s Penguin, but really what you need to know is that Google has been trying to clean up web spam and give bonus points to those who create meaningful, original content and provide real value to real humans. [click to continue…]


Sometimes technology and the Internet can seem like a constantly morphing wild beast you just can’t seem to catch. You’re busy making sure apartments are occupied, accounts balanced, staff well-trained. Keeping up with the latest technology tweaks or Google’s latest algorithm changes isn’t at the top of your priority list. Nor should it be.

However, when it comes to your websites, Responsive is a word you should know. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is still fairly new, only beginning to gain mainstream traction in late 2012. RWD is the solution to the ever-expanding arsenal of devices that are able to browse the Internet.  [click to continue…]


15 Interesting Facts About the Internet

Old Apple ComputerIt makes me feel old that there are people alive who can vote who were born after the invention of the internet. That just seems crazy.

Anyways, here’s some fun and interesting facts I found about the Internet. Did you already know all this? Or is some of it surprising?  Enjoy.

1)  80% of all emails sent are spam.

2)   Recent studies show that by 2015, mobile is expected to overtake desktop use of the Internet. [click to continue…]


In 2011, I took a year off of Facebook. It was great. Sure, I missed some cute baby pictures, but really, it was sweet relief to slow the stream of content. Now, part of my job is managing multiple social media accounts and leveraging these platforms for my clients and my company, Resident360.

Honestly, social media both annoys and awes me. It really is amazing to be able to spread information, communicate ideas and connect with people instantly. But, at the same time… wow. There’s a lot of information and scrolling through it all can make me crazy.

So, what’s the point? Everything you post on your apartment community Facebook page must have value. Don’t post something just to post something. [click to continue…]