33 Awesome Apartment Marketing Ideas Found On Pinterest. Wait To You See #6.

33 Apartment Marketing Ideas Found On Pinterest
Written by Josh Grillo

It started about a year ago…

I sat down to create my weekly apartment marketing newsletter and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to talk about. I checked out a few of my favorite blog sites in multifamily, but didn’t find any good ideas.

Enter Pinterest… Pinterest

I decided to check out Pinterest since my wife was always talking about the cool recipes she was finding there.  I did a search for “Apartment Marketing” then saw their suggestions of “Apartment Marketing Ideas” and “Resident Retention Ideas.”

Ever since, Pinterest has become my Go-To source for fun, creative apartment marketing ideas.

I know you are starved for time, so I thought it would be valuable if I shared my favorites with you (Keep in mind,  I’ve spent well over 80 hours on the site pulling ideas for my weekly newsletter).

I’ve broken this post up into 5 sections (So it’s easy to digest):  

  1. Resident Gift Ideas
  2. Resident Event Ideas
  3. Resident Renewal Ideas
  4. Resident Prospecting Ideas
  5. Service Request Ideas

Use this post as a source of inspiration and please share it with like-minded professionals.  Let’s get to it:

Resident Gift Ideas Shared On Pinterest

#1 – Box of Sunshine

Perfect for a resident move-in present or “Resident of the Month” gift.

Box of Sunshine - Apartment Marketing Idea

#2 – Fortune Cookie Box w/Tagline “We Are So Fortunate To Have You As A Resident”

This idea would work for a new move-in, asking residents to fill out a survey or even for a resident renewal letter.

Fortune Cookie Apartment Marketing Idea

#3 – We Have To AD-MITT You Are a Sweet Resident!

Oven mitt with Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix and either a handwritten “Thank You” letter or a lease renewal letter.

Sweet Resident Gift

#4 – Simple Move-In Gift

Coffee mug, lint roller, hand sanitizer and package of Kleenex.

#5 – You Are O’Fish-ally Home

You could hand these out to prospective residents that tour the community or give to new residents moving in.

#6 – Toilet Plunger

Why not? Your maintenance tech does a service call and leaves behind one of these for the resident.

Plunger Resident Move-In Gift

#7 – Toilet Plunger “Part Deux”

As if #6 wasn’t enough, here’s a leopard wrapped plunger with some community branding. This is unique and will be memorable in the eyes of your residents.  It’s all about standing out right?

#8 –  Housewarming Basket of Cleanliness

Pretty self explanatory, but don’t forget the handwritten “Thank You” note.

Resident Event Ideas Shared On Pinterest

#9 – Bagel Bar for Residents

This is just pretty… Pretty Awesome.  How creative can you get?  Notice the juice in the drawer below.

Resident Event Ideas - Bagel Bar

#10 – Movie Night

Talk about a “Movie Night” basket.  Popcorn, snickers soda, tickets.


#11 – Nacho Bar

I really like this one. Maybe cause I’m a sucker for chips and salsa, especially when there’s a variety.

Apartment Marketing Ideas - Salsa Bar

#12 – Cereal Bar

Once you purchase the containers, I imagine this being a simple, cost-friendly event that could be held weekly in the clubhouse.

Cereal Bar - Apartment Marketing Ideas

#13 – Waffle Bar “YUMMY”

Ok, when I saw this picture on Pinterest it gave me inspiration to do this with my kids at home. Unique idea that could be alot of fun for your residents.

Creative Apartment Marketing Ideas

#14 – Wine & Cheese “Please”

This could be used as a resident event idea or you could implement “Happy Hour Leasing.” Just expand your leasing hours to 8pm and put out sandwich boards/signs promoting it.


#15 – Cupcake Party

Because we all need more sugar and cupcakes in our life.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Apartments

Resident Renewal Ideas Shared On Pinterest

#16 – Candy Gram

These candy bars are actually on sticks. You could use this concept to deliver lease renewal letters.

Resident Appreciation Gifts

#17 – We Flippin Love You

Spatula, Betty Crocker cake mix and your lease renewal letter. It will get read!

ideas for apartment marketing

#18 – We Flippin Love You “Part Deux”

Via Vista took it up a notch by supplying the whole breakfast – pancake mix, syrup, mixing bowel and spatula. Notice their fine print on the spatula, “Every renewal includes free carpet cleaning.”


#19 – Pop In To Renew

Self explanatory but will get your residents attention.


#20 – You’re Dynamite

Because everyone needs a stick of dynamite filled with candy.

Apartment Marketing Creative Ideas

#21 – Door Hanger “Refresh Yourself & Refresh Your Lease”

Crazy straw with lemonade pack. Very creative and the copy is good as well.  Have a read.


#22 – Flip Flop Renewal Reminder

Super creative and definitely attention getting.  Here’s the copy, “We think you’re a flippin great resident. Renew your lease today!”


#23 – Homemade Flower Door Hanger

Somebody spent some time creating these. Here’s the copy, “Roses are red, violets are blue. It will be sweet to have you renew.”


#24 – We Can’t Bear To Lose You – Renew Your Lease Today

Who doesn’t love gummy bears?

Apartment Prospect Ideas Shared On Pinterest

#25 – Extra Gum Handout

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little EXTRA.  Nice tie-in with the gum. Hand these out after a prospective resident tours your community.


#26 – Pop Rocks and Blow Pops “Thanks for Popping In”

Another creative apartment marketing idea for a handout to prospective residents touring your community.

#27 – Our Apartments Will Blow You Away

Why not a few pieces of Dubble Bubble gum tagged with “Our Apartment Will Blow You Away.” Remember it’s all about standing out.

#28 – Swedish Fish

Love this concept. Swedish fish bagged with the tagline, “Once you sea our community you will be hooked.” Great use of the QR code on the back.

Apartment Marketing Ideas for Prospecting

#29 – Popcorn “We Would Love For You To Pop By”

You could use these for outreach marketing.

#30 – Our Residents Are Solid Gold

Yum, chocolate – not to mention my favorite, “Ferrero Rocher.”  I like the gold touch!

#31 – Lease An Apartment, Choose A Present

Service Request Ideas Shared On Pinterest

#32 – We Just POPPED In To Fix The Problem

Apartment Survey Ideas

#33 – M&M Thank You Door Hanger


If you ever find yourself “STUCK” without an idea or just need a source of inspiration – check out Pinterest. It’s full of simple, clever apartment marketing ideas that are ready to be implemented.

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