How Do You Market To Your Local Area

Written by crystal

On today’s episode, I’ll answer a question from Jessica in Tyler, TX.rsz_istock_000006260732_large

Jessica asks, “We have a very unique apartment complex in Texas. We are locally owned and managed and our complex is tucked away from passing traffic. Most of our leads come from online, and most of our residents have moved to Tyler from other towns and states. What do you believe is the most cost-efficient way for us to market to the locals, let them know that we are here?”

Click the video below to start watching. Enjoy!


  • Very high energy video, Josh. Very cute and good info. Budget is important for all property managers, no matter if it’s an A property or a C. However, you should have 3 tips for Jessica. Signs are the most cost effective way to reach your local audience. You purchase your sign just once and it works 24/7 and never takes a day off. American Apartment Owners Association states that 50% of your potential renters come from your For Rent signage. Jessica can get great customizable yard signs, flags or banners at Customizing with vivid colors to catch the eye as they drive by will not only get the viewer to stop in but will also get them to pass on your information to someone they know that does need an apartment.

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