Technology I’m Thankful For

Written by crystal

My son is 5 and I have some pretty rigid screen-time rules for him. I try to abide by similar rules (when I’m not working) for many of the obvious benefits. I love outdoors and in-depth conversations that are not interrupted by dings or status updates. But, I also appreciate technology.

As important as it is to unplug when you’re with family and friends, I’m thankful for the many ways technology does improve modern life. Below, in no particular order, are some pieces of technology I’m thankful for… (and none of these are paid advertisements, or official endorsements, or anything like that.)

omni focus graphic getting things doneOmniFocus

My favorite app ever. In combination with the book, Getting Things Done, by David Allen, OmniFocus has revolutionized my productivity and organiza- tion. I use it for everything. From my personal creative endeavors to managing work projects, it is truly fantastic. It allows me to organize clear actionable steps for projects, easily create tasks from emails or conversations – all without too much disruption to my work flow.


apartment marketing iphone iconiPhone

Although I may occasionally be heard to complain about how smart phones should stop invading human-to-human contact, I honestly couldn’t imagine going back to life without an iPhone. From paying bills while waiting in line, to checking traffic on my way home, to instantly finding the nearest store that has Children’s Tylenol, I am thankful! Not to mention, I have definitely used the iPhone on my apartment searches and have found personally the importance of a website’s mobile load time.

responsive web design icon

Responsive Web Design

The evolution of the internet in the past 20 years has been incredible to watch. To me, RWD is another step in the right direction to create an on-line environ- ment that meets both the practical and aesthetic needs of users.

kindle icon marketing


I love books. I love the smell of them, the sound of pages unfurling… and I never thought I’d switch to an e-reader. But, books are heavy and hard to haul on trips. And I love being able to travel across the country or across the street while being able to easily bring lots of reading material with me. Plus, I’m pretty sure my posture has improved now that I have to carry fewer books around!

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